Frequently Asked

We’re all about Pizza Napoletana

Here are some of the questions people ask when they try Dante’s pizzas for the first time.

Do you make your own dough?

Yes, we prepare fresh batches from scratch and leave them to prove for 48 to 72 hours. This is how long it takes for sourdough to develop the qualities that make our pizza bases so light, fluffy and easy to digest.

What flour do you use?

We use a speciality Italian flour called Nuvola Super, made by Caputo. It’s perfect for pizza bases, with the ability to transform into a highly hydrated sourdough when expertly prepared by our pizza chefs.

How long does it take to cook a pizza?

It takes just 90 seconds inside our wood fired ovens for the searing heat to work its magic. The dough rises, crisps and forms bubbles that are lightly charred on the top. The ingredients remain juicy, with freshly melted cheese and mouthwatering toppings ready to be enjoyed.

Why is your cheese white?

We use selected cheeses, with the stand-out being classic Italian buffalo mozzarella. This is a fresh cheese that is naturally off-white – unlike the yellow industrial pizza cheeses you may find elsewhere.

How many people will one pizza feed?

We recommend one pizza per person. Dante’s pizzas are a meal in themselves, designed for a single person to enjoy. That said, you can always order a selection for your table and enjoy sharing them as a group!

Should I eat pizza with my hands or use cutlery?

In Italy, the classic way to eat pizza is to pick up one of the triangular slices and then fold in the sides and the pointy end to create a delicious, juicy parcel of pizza goodness. No cutlery needed! But of course, if you prefer to use a knife and fork, that’s absolutely fine. Enjoy it any way you like!

Can I get toppings that aren’t on your menu, like chicken or pineapple?

Sorry, we don’t do that. Every Dante’s Pizzeria is stocked with the fresh, premium ingredients needed to create the classic Napoli-style pizzas on our menus. The concept we work to is ‘Italy on a plate.’ So we can’t swap out toppings or add off-menu items.

Do you do home deliveries or Uber Eats?

No, but we are very happy to take your phone or online order and have your pizzas piping hot and ready for you to pick up.

Can I learn how to cook pizza with Dante’s?

Yes, and we’d love to show you how. Ask one of our team and we’ll set up a time for you to come and learn how to make Pizza Napoletana.